Friday, 26 April 2013

Service-Learning Project 26 April 2013

‘Preparation’ Phase of Class S-L Project
1.     Identify the service and learning goals (class) & objectives (personal)
2.     Create the S-L action plan, comprising 2 parts:
·       S-L Plan (Annex C)
·       S-L Proposal (formal document)

·  Updates on the progress of the S-L project and discussion on the:

1)    outcomes of the liaison with beneficiaries
2)    workflow and work responsibilities and duties
3)    timeline
4)    feasibility and
5)    financial/risk/volunteer management strategies and issues, where applicable
6)    etc.

Friday, 12 April 2013

Angeline & Ethan

Foreigners should be employed based on their skills. Singaporeans should get first priorities.

Integrating foreigners

We think that Singapore should employ them based on their skills and not on their ability to do the task at a lower cost. Also, if there is an overwhelming supply of workers for a certain industry, Singapore should limit them and not to continue taking them in because of cheap labour. Singapore should also reduce the number of foreign talent and give priority to Singaporeans. They should also increase the amount of foreign workers as they are willing to work for a cheap.

By Wai Kit and Praveen

How can foreigners be integrated better into our society?

How can foreigners be integrated better into our society?
-We can get them to pay more income tax.
-Prevent them from buying private property.
-Make sure the family has a well rounded education for a higher price.

A better way for foreigners to be integrated into our society

A better way for foreigners to be integrated into our society is to create more jobs which appeals more to  foreigners but not Singaporeans. This would divide the jobs equally between Singaporeans and foreigners, preventing further complains. They could also place foreigners in jobs that help to create more working opportunities for local residents.

By: Chiam Chuen and Chi Han

Pair Work (Tan Shi Jie and Goh Qian Zhe)

Brainstorm activity:
We can better integrate foreigners to better integrate into our societies by helping them to get used to how we work in this country. This can also reduce the number of misunderstandings and conflicts with the Singaporean general public and the foreigners.

Foreigner Integration

-They get lower priorities than Singaporean.
-Encourage Singaporeans and Foreigners to learn from each other.
-Employ Singaporeans first
-Have foreigners go through a course which teaches them about they ways of a Singaporean.