Friday, 26 July 2013

What are the negative effects caused by such design?


  1. People may get addicted to the social media or network and people might get scammed by some fake advertisements. This would also make people feel very irritated about the social network or website.

  2. When you click on some of the pop ups, you either have to pay or there will be virus.
    You have to pay more to read more of the information/play other levels in the game.

  3. Sarah Angeline Xiao Tao Ethan

    1) The game causes more people to get addicted and play it more
    2) It also gets people irritated when they have to wait for a very long time to continue
    3) Eventually the people have to pay to bypass the wait
    4) Make people so obsessed with it that they think about it while doing daily tasks.
    5) Important/sensitive information can be taken and sold to unauthorized sources.

  4. 1) People get annoyed
    2) People may get scammed
    3) Lag
    4) People may get distracted


  5. 1• It can cause addiction in players/used causing them to waste time/money.
    2• The player may face a huge decrease in effectiveness in school or at work, which may cause them to lose their job, or their possibilities of getting one.
    3• In cases of severe addiction, it may cause family or violence problems. Such victims of addiction may also skip school, family events, or meetings with friends in order to stay at home to play games.
    4• Since games are free to play at first, they "suck in" the player, before introducing micro-transactions to them, by when the player is so engrossed he will spend money in order to get an advantage in the game.