Friday, 26 July 2013

Why do these sites have to increase website traffic?


  1. They increase website traffic to gain more revenue, and thus increase the popularity of their social media website.

  2. Why do these websites have to increase website traffic?
    1. In order to increase ad-revenue.
    2. With more popularity, the website gets more ads and sponsorship possibilities.
    3. More and more apps will collaborate with the website, which again increases revenue.
    4. It can be used as a mass platform to spread information or raise awareness about something.

  3. To get sponsors to give them money.
    To get people to advertise on the website.

  4. In the D Group: Chiam, Chun Leong, Praveen and Wai Kit

    (1) More revenue
    (2) More companies want to invest in Facebook
    (3) More advertising companies want to use it as their platform
    (4) More popularity, so as to increase money

  5. Sarah, Angeline, Xiao Tao, Ethan

    To get more popularity which would get more sponsors and investors, and more advertisements, which increases revenue